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Brut prestige

Coffret luxe de 3 bouteilles de 75cl Vendu par carton d’un coffret de 3 bouteilles
Tasting notes :

The cool, rich and tonic assemblage of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.
Fines notes of red fruits revealed by the power of the Pinot Noir and the delicacy of its bubbles.
Almost like savouring a Blanc de Noirs.

Location :

The vineyard is located between the Côte des Bar and its old vines, the mountain of Reims and the strength of its Pinot noir, the Côte des Blancs and the delicacy of its Chardonnay. The diversity of this soil offers this cuvée Prestige a beautiful aromatic pallet and allows to enjoy a sophisticated champagne.

The soil :

Kimmeridgian Jurassic limestone soil and chalk.
Authentic vineyard.
Reasoned and sustainable cultivation (according to the principles of organic and natural cultivation).

Elaboration :

Manual grape harvests.
First press, non-filtered, not discolored, few sulphites.
Natural debourdage.
Ageing on slats for at least 3 years.
Dosage: 7g/l

Serving suggestions :

Superbe pour l’apéritif et lors d’un repas,
idéal avec une viande blanche.
Servir frais à 7°c.

Specification :

Assemblage: 80% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay, 5% Meunier
Low dosage and very low sulphur content.

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