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Brut nature

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Tasting notes :

The Pinot Noir brings slightly spiced notes of vineyard peach, a strong nature strenghtened by the delicacy of its bubbles. A fine, tightly knit champagne of great purity.

Location :

The Côte des Bar and the mountain of Reims.
Black vine in compact clusters, bays of which are of black color with white flesh.
Recognizable thanks to its power, its roundness and its complexity, the Pinot Noir develops peppered and sweet aromas.

The soil :

Kimmeridgian Jurassic limestone soil and chalk.
Authentic vineyard.
Reasoned and sustainable cultivation (according to the principles of organic and natural cultivation).

Elaboration :

Manual harvests.
First press, non-filtered, nature debourdage, few sulphites.
Zero dosage
Ageing on slats for 2 or 3 years.

Serving suggestions :

Ideal as an apéritif or served with a meal.
It goes superbly with sea foods, sashimis and perfectly with goat cheese.
Serve at 7°c.

Specification :

Assemblage: 100% Pinot Noir
Zero dosage and very low sulphur content.

Brut nature

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