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COMTE DELAVIE is the birth of a new emblem of the nobility of Champagne throughout the world. It is the creation of a company that commits to donate 30% of its profits each year to solidarity actions or international organizations carefully selected for their efficiency and transparency, but it is ALSO the launch of the International Movement


A Champagne of Exception with bubbles of extreme finesse

Four great vintages of Champagne specially elaborated by one of the most famous Champagne families among the amateurs and recognized by the greatest oenologists. The very old Maison Drappier, whose wines are served at the most prestigious tables as at the Palais de l'Élysée, is located on the Côte des Bar Terroir of the well-known character.

First criteria in the choice of Maison Drappier to elaborate COMTE DELAVIE Champagnes, the quality and stability of its productions were not the only ones. Our partner has long deployed all its art and know-how with the utmost respect for the environment.

Drappier is the first Champagne Producer in the world with ZERO CARBONE LABEL.

A resolutely ethical & Solidarity

With an ethical and solidarity positioning and approach, COMTE DELAVIE company - prestigious brand of Champagne - was founded by a group of passionate friends.

Moved by the desire to dedicate their skills and experiences to a unique common project combining luxury, pleasure and sharing with the aim of contributing, concretely and so financially, to the preservation and conservation of living species and their environment.


I give for you to give ... I give for you to do

Become an actor and ambassador of a Movement
and do good to the Planet

"TOAST FOR THE PLANET" this is every consumer of COMTE DELAVIE who becomes Actor and Ambassador of the Movement and does good to the Planet and its inhabitants in an approach based exclusively on Pleasure and Wellbeing.

"TOAST FOR THE PLANET" this is every cup of Champagne COMTE DELAVIE drunk to celebrate the events of Life, from the most anodyne innocuous like simple pleasure of being among friends, to the most valuable or the most official ones, which contributes modestly but concretely to Improve the evolution of Life on our planet.

EVERYWHERE ON THE PLANET: In France, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, etc.

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